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No Rest For The Weary

Wouldn’t you know it, get some side work and my “real” job decided we had to go to 10-hour days for awhile! Still no biking for me.  Here’s a little popart I did with a pic from my camping trip to Monterey. It’s called “Shoes On Vacation.”

The Sabbath

No rest for me tomorrow; continuing my side job. But Sun. I am taking off to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday.

My pup 3 years ago and part of my final portfolio.


Well, my photography class is over. It was an intensive 6 weeks. Still working 24/7. Here’s some images from my final portfolio,


Not too much riding in the next month or so as I’m working 7 days a week for awhile. But I’m living vicariously from my photographs. Let me explain, I’m also taking a digital photography class integrated with learning the basics of PhotoShop. I am learning a lot, but I’m not too happy with the class overall. No way to really ask questions, too many hoops to jumps through before you can get instructor assistance. Anyways, while taking the dog to the park yesterday, she was sniffing around, I was standing in the warm sun with a slight breeze;such a feeling of peace. Just in a city park! I love those moments and they’re too few and far between. Here’s a shot that should evoke some peace………..

Easy Rider

Went on an 18 mile ride today. It was soooo easy. We explored the Steven’s Creek Trail (SCT) which we knew was paved. It starts at the bay and goes towards Cupertino. We weren’t sure exactly how far. It was pretty nice but way too many people; lots of walkers. So it was hard to get a good rhythm. Quite windy too. Nearer the bay the trail overlaps with the Bay Trail. Here’s the start in Mountain View.

I know, this is gravel. You’re looking at part of the Bay Trail and I’m standing on the paved road; the beginning of the Steven’s Creek Trail.  The SCT goes away from the bay, and yes, follows a creek.


I think this is the first weekend in a really long time where I have nothing planned. I’m really looking forward to it. I’d like to get some easy bike riding in with either the Pugs for the Dummy. I have a new camera, so I’d like to combine the two activities. I’m actually taking a digital photography class so I should work on my final portfolio, which of course, will be about bikes. So it’s Fri., late afternoon. I’m sitting here relaxing before my gin and tonic. I’ve already taken the dog to the park. The only thing I have to do is cook dinner; if I want to eat that is!

Livestrong Davis Ride

OK, well I’m back from a fabulous weekend in Davis. The event was really fantastic. There was beautiful weather, a wonderful course, really nice people, and we rode really fast! We had so much fun. 

                                                post race attire

We were told in an email a few days before the race Lance Armstrong would be there and he would be riding. He addressed all the riders before he took to the front of the pack. We heard him, but never saw him. 

                                                   before the start

We spent some time in Livestrong Village on Sat. and I placed a card in memory of my cousin who died of melanoma.

After the race there was free food and drink for the riders. Everything was meticulously organized; the course was excellent and well marked. The stops had great snacks and drinks; something for everyone.  If you’re thinking of doing something like this I really recommend the Livestrong events. We’re going back next year!

Livestrong Challenge Davis
One thousand, four hundred and thirty-five riders. I was one.

Livestrong Challenge Davis

One thousand, four hundred and thirty-five riders. I was one.

Last Training Ride (for now)

We did an easy 10 miles or so tonight after work. What a joy; my daughter is staying at the house while we’re gone and she went with us for our ride.  It was really fun having her along. Just the 3 of us winding around on the Bay Trail; no cars, ocean, wetlands, and the wind.

Easy 10 miles tomorrow and we head for the Livestrong Challenge Davis on Sun.

I’m Back

I took a little vacation visiting my mom in SoCal. It was hot! The day we arrived it was 114º.  We took the mountain bikes but after one ride on July 4, we decided it was just too painful with the heat. Mon. was supposed to be about 10º cooler, so we set out about 9AM; it was 80º.  I can handle that. But when we finished it was 104º, and though I drank lots of water, I felt sick. We rested at the visitors center inside, washed our faces and drank some more. Too bad, because Santa Rosa Plateau was really nice. 

I don’t know……maybe I’m just burned out. But I can’t get on my road bike today and do the planned 45 miles. There’s not room for it in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I want to ride. Just not on the street, on a road bike for 45 miles. I’m hoping to take the Dummy out or maybe the Pugs to the beach with the dog.  

Haha. (-: Guess Where?

Now get on yours………..